Hearts Aren’t Crystal

Hearts Aren’t Crystal.

via Hearts Aren’t Crystal.

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Attend a Writer’s Conference? A Risk Worth Taking! (Part 2)

Catherine Hedge:

To the Power of Community!!

Originally posted on Pen In Hand:

By Catherine Hedge

What a delight!  I have just returned from a regional writer’s conference, The Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators of Kansas.  I spent the day learning from wonderful, creative speakers:  Sharon M. Draper, Jennifer Mattson, Karen Grencik, Heather Alexander, Jennifer Brown, Bridget Heos, and Brett Wright.

I was surrounded by enthusiastic people who write because they have something to say and a unique way of saying it. Writing is their art.  My art.

As writers, we sit by ourselves, writing draft after draft.  The stereotype is the pale, hunched, introvert writing until dawn. He’s fueled by whiskey and stale cigarettes.  (Okay, I’m pale, love to write at night, but I need chocolate and Malbec.) But get us all together to share, breathe, and question writing, and we are as excited as middle schoolers!

It makes me realize that to be in close proximity to those…

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Seeds of Vengeance: Book Release by Mark Rogers

Catherine Hedge:

I am proud to be the editor of this fine book. Congratulations, Mark Rogers!

Originally posted on Pen In Hand:

By Mark Rogers

Here is the press release for my newest book: Seeds of Vengeance.

Fiction House Publishing Proudly Announces:

SOV coverSeeds of Vengeance, a novel by Mark Rogers, Author and Editor of Fiction House Publishing

A near-death mining accident triggers J.B. Smith’s quest for the impossible – IMMORTALITY.

“Give me wealth, power, and offspring. I’ll destroy anyone challenging my empire.”

Impassioned union activist Stash Taluski protests: “We are children of the earth’s black bowels, Mr. Smith. You must look out for your brothers.”


Sally Pursells loves both men. She rises from deepest poverty to become J.B.’s closest advisor. J.B. provides Sally security, worldly comforts; Stash, raw-flesh desires. Sally bonds with their families. She’s as a mother to their children.

The relationships play out midst sly corporate boardroom bloodletting and brutal Appalachian coalfield riots. Can justice-seeking Sally achieve her impossible – reconciling two men so alike yet…

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3, 2, 1…lift-off!

3, 2, 1…lift-off!.   Way to go, Char!


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Smoke Rings

This young woman’s old spirit vibrates through her words.  Amazing, Julsey! Smoke


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Travels with Mary, Part 2

Travels with Mary, Part 2.

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Hearts Aren’t Crystal (repost)

Hearts Aren’t Crystal (repost).

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